The Risk Assessment

What is a hazard and risk
Hazard; anything that has the potential to harm. Hazards to people, property and may influence the process; Accidents and diseases, crop failure, machine damage, and so on. olabilir.mesle reason that risk; as a result of exposure to the danger of death, injury or illness refers to the combination of the probability of occurrence and severity ğ.

30/06/2012 Date of enacted No. 6331 Occupational health and safety legislation to the hazard class and the material number of employees to the employee did not evaluate risks, regardless of all workplaces basic occupational health and safety training given and emergency has brought the requirement of no action plan can be called so serious also about penalties and sanctions are put into effect along

The main objective in the assessment of occupational risks is to ensure the protection of the health and safety of employees. Risk assessment process from related activities and employees to help minimize the potential harm to environment. Also contributed to the risk assessment of your business efficient and competitive.

The risk-assessment summaries include the following steps:

Description of the risks and dangers
Risks and hazards management
Analysis of existing and potential risks in your business
The creation of the organization related to risk management
The selection of appropriate risk methods and risk levels
The establishment of workplace risk control system
Establishing risk analysis team
Addressing the necessary measures against identified risks and implementation
Applicable in the company of an effective inspection and enforcement mechanisms for risk management and that works

 Numerous risk analysis and on risk assessment with our experts almost every sector we have done in sunny academy, basic occupational health and safety training and are committed to making by corporate and professional in the light of regulations concerning the emergency action plan and associated with these activities we expect to receive comments of the .