Workplace Medicine
20 years for more than we are of our hospitals together with a number of specialist doctors in the health sector and health professionals gives the service also physicians in virtually every specialty area that we are working together with workplace medicine, workplace health staff support and work in the health care sunny academy a step forward We believe that removing the reference sector and bring to a preferred partner status.
All our work union, along with occupational physicians, which will be sent to companies and health care professionals, our No. 6331 occupational health and safety laws and most importantly, 07/22/2013 the date of enacted occupational physicians and other health care mandate responsibilities and the scope of the Directive on education It is responsible for fulfilling the obligations. This responsibility and our hospital staff during work, and they are also offering you the equipment of our collaboration, we aim to carry more institutional platform
In addition, occupational health will be presented and will be made and safety training for just laws and health at work by not only eliminating the obligations to you of the regulations and carry safety culture of your company zero accidents professionalism and purpose by working with industry as you, also we aim to remove a step forward with cost.
Studies should be made of the relevant laws and regulations of occupational physicians and health personnel;
Health surveillance of workers covered by occupational health and safety services and guidance to employers regarding the surveillance of the working environment.
Occupational health and to participate in research in occupational safety field, also taking into account the physical and mental capacities of the workers in terms of ergonomics and psychosocial risks in business execution to ensure the compliance of the employee with work and do research for the prevention of stress in the work environment and take into account in guiding the activities of this research.
It has occurred in the workplace to investigate the causes of work accidents and occupational diseases and making studies on measures to be taken to repeated recommendations to employers
Occupational health and to participate on the study and implementation of the risk assessment carried out in terms of safety, risk assessment results in taking the necessary health and safety measures and to follow up on the recommendations to employers located.
Entry work to be carried out under the supervision of health and inform employees regarding periodic inspections and tests and get their consent.
Mail to the night surveillance, including the health of employees.
To determine whether the absenteeism situations because of health problems is a relationship between the health hazards that may occur in the workplace, necessary working environment to the approval of the employer to plan making measurements on and make an assessment in terms of the health of workers of the results obtained.
To save work on health surveillance in the workplace, job security expert with making assessments related to accidents at work and occupational diseases by collaborating, doing analysis and research to avoid a repetition of dangerous event to prepare the necessary preventive action plans and to prepare the annual work plan to include these issues to the approval of the employer , to keep track of application and regulation to prepare the appropriate annual report, for example by the way specified.
Managers, occupational health if there is safety and board members and employees to general health, occupational health and safety, hygiene, loss of use of addictive substances, personal protective equipment and collective protection methods to provide training in the subject, to ensure continuity of education.
Occupational health and safety at work and the annual report noted the results of health surveillance and safety experts to prepare in accordance with the regulations, for example in co-operation required.