Job security expertise

Follow safe work seriously wanting in experience and knowledge and continuous professional self-improvement is a need, as in every area

Should be located in sunny academy staff professional engineering branches both also experienced in the safety field, B, occupational health class C professional staff and safety study of a significant difference yaratmaktadır.ayrı by in the staff using the advantage of being educational institutions in this regard colleagues regularly professional and This accumulation also subject to personal development training aimed at keeping transport you to your next job in place

Do we cooperate together with our safety experts who will be sent to your company is responsible for fulfilling all obligations covered by No. 6331 occupational health and safety laws and 29.12.2012 Date of entering into force safety expert mandate responsibilities and regulations on education.

Efforts should be made to relevant laws and regulations, occupational safety specialist;

provide training on safety
Supervision and control system set up and manage the workplace
Occupational Health and Safety Committee to participate in study
To prepare the Annual Work Plan
Training Plan to prepare
Employer, guidance and counseling to job security
To report to management by control of subcontractors
To Risk Assessment
Prepare Emergency Plan
To prepare the Health and Safety Plan
To prepare the Internal Regulations
Prepare Work Permit Procedure
To prepare operating instructions
Accident after accident at work to edit the Root Cause Analysis Form
To prepare explosion protection document
Flammable, explosive, flammable and hazardous substances to determine the working conditions
Flammable, explosive, flammable and hazardous substances to determine the storage conditions
Make a risk assessment of chemicals
To determine the operating conditions with chemicals
To determine the storage conditions of Chemicals
Personal protective equipment to do a risk assessment
Advise employers on selection of personal protective equipment
Conduct studies on electrical safety
To follow periodic checks of ground installations
To follow periodic checks of the lightning rod
To follow periodic checks of construction machinery
To follow periodic checks of the lifting machine
To follow the periodic inspections of pressure vessels and boilers

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