Safety Training

15:05 / 2013 dated training of employees' occupational health and safety procedures and principles on the administration forms of the training must be given in the work place have been determined according to regulations.
ARTICLE 13 - (1) occupational health and safety training for employees;
a) The attendant workplace by occupational physicians and safety experts,
b) Workers, employers and public officials, organizations or those organizations established educational foundations and joint training they have created centers, universities, educational departments of public institutions, authorized by the Ministry with the professional organizations qualifying as public institutions educational institutions and joint health and safety units,
1 year term in the light of the dangers and risks incurred by and made in accordance with this regulation, the risk assessment must be made of a training plan according to the training plan:
Training time and topics
ARTICLE 11 - (1) training will be given to employees, the employee recruitment and within the period specified during the continuation of the business;
a) at least eight hours to less dangerous workplaces,
b) at least twelve hours for hazardous workplaces,
c) at least sixteen hours for very dangerous workplaces
as it held for each employee.
Education Issues
1. General issues
a) Information regarding the labor legislation,
b) legal rights and responsibilities of employees,
c) Commercial cleanliness and order,
d) legal consequences arising from occupational accidents and occupational diseases are
2. Health issues
a) causes of occupational diseases
b) applying the principles of disease prevention and protection techniques,
c) biological and psychosocial risk factors,
d) First Aid
3. Technical topics
a) The chemical, physical and ergonomic risk factors,
b) Manual lifting and carrying,
c) Flash, explosion, fire and fire protection,
d) safe use of work equipment,
d) work with display screen equipment,
e) electrical hazards, risks and precautions,
f) the application of technical principles of the causes and prevention of occupational accidents,
g) Safety and health signs,
i) use of personal protective equipment,
h) occupational health and safety rules and common safety culture,
i) Relief and recovery
The above title is to be given in principle be subject to registration shall be determined according to the specific risks of the workplace
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