Other Health Personnel

22:07 / 2013 which entered into force occupational physicians and other health mandate responsibility and described in the form of other health personnel in the workplace under the regulations on education and health officer personnel, emergency medical technicians, nurses and environmental health technicians, such as vocational qualifications and competence of personnel the obligation of the together with the new regulations entered into force
In our staff with experience in the field of health and workplace health staff are trained to carry the required purpose special workplace safety specialist physicians and employees must work even easier
Make your company will be sent in cooperation with medical staff team is responsible for fulfilling all the obligations under the relevant laws and regulations
Studies should be made of the relevant laws and regulations of health personnel;
a) planning of occupational health and safety services, assessment, monitoring and directing the work with occupational physicians, collect data and keep required records.
b) the recruitment of employees' health and work history / letter to the periodic inspection forms and assist the physician during the examination conducted by the occupational physician.
c) to follow the group requiring special policies and provide the necessary medical examinations performed.
d) the organization and execution of first aid services work together with the occupational physician.
d) take part in the health education of employees.
e) continuous monitoring and supervision of work with general hygiene requirements of the workplace premises and occupational physicians.
f) carry out other tasks related to workplace health and safety will be given by physicians.
g) To support the work of officials in the workplace and employee representatives and support staff to cooperate with these people.
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